Eastside democratic Club Minutes, April

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1208 Our new President was a little too polite to get the meeting to order.
1209 The Treasurer, with a voice as clear as a school bell on a crisp autumn morning, got us about 58 small-d democrats started.

Herschel mentions that we have to cover our rent and pay for food.
Then, Celeste mentions we will move to a credit union.
This was greeted with approval.

There was a motion to have the small d appear on our new checks.
This was seconded.
And the discussion was:
Will the checks have our SS#?
No, a different ID.
Discussion was ended, the vote called, and this passed 40-something to 0.

Announcements included:

Paul told us that war resisters are meeting at the Peace House to talk about redirection. Redirection is when you want to redirect tax dollars away from war and into something you do want to pay for.
Paul told us that Vets for Peace will give a reenactment 4PM today at the masonic temple (art museum).
Herschel reminded us to be at city hall tomorrow 2PM for socially responsible investing. Caterpillar and Wells Fargo and others are bad actors and we don’t want to support them.
David continued on this theme and reminded us of the proposal to dissolve the citizen committee on socially responsible investing and to have these decisions made by the treasurer.
Tom used the word sh-word in his exhortation, and Joe moved that we do not use that word here.
Somewhat surprisingly, this was seconded.
Discussion was ‘because it abdicates responsibility’.
General grumbling caused the motion to be quickly withdrawn.

12:20 Maxine introduced Jessica Vega Pederson, our new County Commissioner district 3.
She was a state representative before that and ran with a 18 month old because there were no sidewalks for her stroller. We still have these same issues today and that kid is 6 and riding a bike.
Her district incorporates everything good: thriving business, diversity. Many new residents, 3 languages at the playground. Comes from an immigrant family, grandfather came over and was a farmer and then steel worker.
Crises: mental health issues, housing, addictions.
Getting into budget cycle. First will get Kafoury’s budget with everything from Sun Schools to bridges. Gives a chance to show priorities.
Issues: how can young people continue to afford Portland? Likes PDX laws on no cost evictions and supports the vote at the state today.
Local priorities include: racial Justice, public safety, and not spending money locking people up.
Federally: met with federal delegation and felt bad about the sexism Clinton faced. And now we have to work to maintain gains in health care etc.
Proud that we are a sanctuary county. We are part of the West Coast Wall (WCW) protecting people’s rights, the environment, and our energy choices.
Regarding the repeal of ACA, thanks for your calls and we have to keep it up. First resolution as commissioner was documenting the good effects locally of the ACA. Working to create space safe from ICE. Sheriff Reese stated that he will not cooperate. County librarys are currently not safe spaces and we are working to change that. Someone in Troutdale came home to find graffiti all over his house and the community came together. Then, something else bad happened and the community came together.
Multnomah is the economic engine of the state. In East Portland we have the highest density of poverty in the state. Go figure.

Questions & Answers Included

Q) what are resources for me to help someone on the street?
A) joint office on homeless services
Q) Plan regarding defunding because of sanctuary city
A) still waiting
Q) what about Wapato as a shelter?
A) It is remote, would take a lot of work, plus we are still paying off the bonds
Q) In there rental assistance in Mult. Co.
A) yes
Q) Is the sanctuary system just a smoke screen?
A) yes, these do get attention and we do have to talk about real change
Q) little houses in backyard is a terrible idea.
A) this is a pilot project and it will be just 4-6 units. Homeowners would not even be landlords
Q) Lots of Multnomah Co. Sheriff evictions of illegally foreclosed homes.
A) we foreclose because of taxes, not mortgages.
Q) What is tough issue?
A) 2% budget cuts
Q) What about the JTTF?
A) We just do social services. Is that the sheriff?
Q) Open meetings?
A) 9:30 Thursdays
Q) Would you support resolution for single payer in state?
A) Id be interested in talking about that

Our next guest was Tom Sincic a retired family nurse practitioner.
Supporter of health care for all.
10 years ago he got into Dem. party and quickly saw that things were not run fairly.
Mult Dem. taking lead from State and that is not right. He read the by-laws and still couldn’t find fair.
Luckily Bernie Sanders came along and we got an influx of young people. Core principles: transparency, accountability, inclusion, messaging about facts. Not: spin, not just give us money and vote Democrat.
First master the process, the issues will follow.
The the question and answers included the following.

Q) I’m from Texas, what about hold your nose and vote? Jill Stein cost us the White House.
A) Central committee is not all Bernie.
Q) How thick is the Dem. rule book?
A) Only a quarter inch. It is the unwritten rules that are thick.
Q) Before Brown was Gov, we reelected Kitz. after 2 mo. he was forced out and not protected by the Dems.
A) Never liked Kitz for another term.

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