Eastside democratic Club Minutes, March 7th, 2017

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12:10 David calls to order and reminds us that for $5 you get a yellow card. And with a yellow card you can vote and join committees. (There are about 52 of us.) This is our annual meeting and we get to deal with reports and electing officers.

Celeste gave the treasury report and the new coffee pot was warmly applauded. They reminded us that the coffee basket is for food and the pass-the-basket at halftime is for the space. We are $273.95 in the black.
Harriet gave a peanut butter update. They had collected about 68 pounds and then used cash donations along with favorable coupons to bring the total over 100 pounds.

Speculatively, the biggest challenge for the nominating committee this year was the term limit exclusion of the president. They handily switched the top to for a slate of Herschel Soles for Pres., David Delk for VP, Joe Meyer for secretary, Celeste for treasury and Steve for volunteer coordinator.
This slate was put forward and seconded.
Discussion included who was going to keep time, and the answer was VP David.
Tom said he was all for the slate and that he would like some meeting time for discussion within the group.
Jim wanted to know why there were no challengers and the answer was do you want to run?
The slate passed by a voice vote and I heard no nay.

We heard from Rob Wallace about Big Farms make Big Flu. Mr Wallace is trained as an evolutionary biologist and dense husbandry and long distance transport makes for exciting times. In nature, with less intensive husbandry and small range, the dominant pathogens are typically those that act slowly on the host. In high density conditions a pathogen can rip right through a host and the next one is right there! By some combination of The Second and Murphy’s Law, this is exactly what happens. Simply put: factory farms are factories for fast acting and all consuming pathogens.

Mr Wallace discussed alternatives such as eat less meat, and on-site breeding, and don’t pack them in.

For the second half, we heard from Bill Dan Robinson about Native Plant of Oregon. They told us the big energy want to use Boardman to burn bio fuel. The likely fuel-tree is a fast growing hard to eradicate nasty thing which is likely to harm native plants There are two bills at the state level regarding this called 789 and 790.

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