Eastside democratic Club Minutes

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une 7, 2016

The meeting started around 12:08 with David Delk presiding and 25ish in attendance.

David called for announcements:

Hershel is making the coffee while Maxine recovers.

350 dot org has lots of neighborhood groups and you might want to join one.

Paying the Price for Peace will show at the Clinton Street Theater Sunday July 3rd with S Brian Willson in attendance.

Joe moved that the Eastside democratic Club endorse the measure to reform campaign finance.
John seconded and it passed 21-0.

Joe moved that the Eastside democratic Club endorse the measure to keep outdoor school open.
John seconded an it passed 19-0.

We heard from Jules Boykoff on a political history off the Olympics. It started as a
game among financial elites: if you ever worked you were disqualified. Prof Boykoff intoned that just as fear is used to fleece, so to are the magic rings of the games. Projected public expense of putting on the games is typically low balled by a factor of between 5 and 10 and it keeps working! To date, only the voters of Denver successfully rejected Olympic overtures.

After a short break we heard from Brandon Thompson of Keep Oregon Working. Rich people are funding a lot of anti-progressive measures for the November ballot. They want to roll back workers rights and limit access to basic health care.

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