Dr. Al Frankowski, Northeastern Illinois University, “Race Realism and a Political Sense of Mourning”

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I went to my first Philosophy lunch seminar at Reed today and I liked it. I’ve been investigating the idea if ‘Race’ with an audio piece I’m working on for KBOO. The talk had the word ‘Race’ in the title so I was finally motivated to go. It poured rain as I ran in on my green Prefontaine jacket and I entered wet as a dog. They had good hot coffee, roasted- asparagus, squash, red peppers and I love this kind professorial life.

As far as I understood it, Dr Frankowski was interested in exploring two extremes: that we live in a post racial world and that the United States will always be racist against Black people. Some claim that a Black president proves a post racial America. If ‘racial’ is measured as the sum of individual reality based on perceived race, then the proposition that we will always have racism is more tenable.

I hope to interview Dr Frankowski if I ever get that ‘perceived race’ audio worked up and I love ping pong.

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