Introducing pythonic access to data

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PyQL stands for the Pythonic Query Language. It can be used everywhere SQL is used. The PyQL is handy in that you ‘have Python’ at the query prompt.

There are plenty of rules for getting UpperCase in SQL and, if you know some Python name.upper() is handy. Likewise with imported modules like re and math. Basically, if you like Python and or appreciate the pythonic approach then you will like PyQL.

The PyQL does not concern itself with maintaining databases, only access to the data. That is, the PyQL does not have anything corresponding to SQL’s CREATE, UPDATE, and INSERT. So narrow is the PyQL’s focus that a single invented symbol suffices: @.

PyQL is also a domain specific query language (DSQL) engine. General query languages, like SQL, know little of the user’s intent and are thereby rendered verbose. Domain specific query languages use expert knowledge to craft agile access to data.

The basic premise of PyQL is that every database deserves its own query language. Have look at:

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